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Aerial photo and map

Below is link to an aerial photo / map on  that I have created of SDW from Winchester to Devils Dyke. 

You will find that as zoom in on 'aerial' image becomes fuzzier, then another click, it will suddenly become very sharp.  At some places, click on 'birds eye view' (in small box at left, icon looks like some sky-scraper office building) for even clearer view; I'll try to add markers as to where these are. From memory, around Winchester/ Cheesefoot Head / Gander Down, and HMS Mercury/Butser / QEP/Buriton.  

Also, I have not followed every little bend, as otherwise it would take a year to do ! Also 'birds eye' view tends to slightly offset my blue line.  

It probably does not add a much as no impression of contours etc (NB see below), but quite fun. Email if you find useful.

I have just realised that in 'local live', by downloading the '3D' file (in the 'small window on left', takes several minutes to download), you can see hills etc, .


Updated June 2008 map Winchester to Devils Dyke.!101&encType=1

Update No. 2009 revised Meon valley route

Nov.2009; Regret unable to alter route as wont let me 'sign in'.

3D view of Butser: link and screen print .  If you use this link, it is possible to 'fly' along SDW seeing hills etc, my SDW blue route line does show, but it shows as a narrow line, bit difficult to see.. I'll try to change to eg red and widen, but may have to retrace whole of SDW as file size limit reached, and wont let me edit  !!101&encType=1.kml


Devils Dyke to Southease and then on to Eastbourne (Please note that I have just ridden June 16 2008 Southease to Eastbourne, and realise route is not correct around Alfriston; as difficult to edit route already saved, added new part.) Birds eye view possible near Eastbourne.!114&encType=1.kml!114&encType=1.kml


I have also put digital map on Tracklogs website.

email if find useful; I think fun rather than 


My thanks to Ollie

Link to video from A3 to Devils Dyke