My Diary


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April: only cycled to work think 3 times this year due to weather. 1'c is too cold ! Missed 4 Saturdays due to cold wet.



June: I rode to Salisbury, on probably the two hottest days of the year ! 50 miles each way, took too much as bike weighed a ton. Also arrived in Salisbury too early, I should have taken my time and stopped more often. But first such trip so will remember for future. Enjoyed apart from b&b near busy road and next to 24hr petrol station, and instant coffee for breakfast ! On the return journey stopped for a pint shandy at a pub which i sat back relaxed and  enjoyed !

May: not done much riding for a month due to weather ! intend short tour to Salisbury late May


May 2011: Rode up Tourmalet , took 2hrs to do 11 miles very hard! please email if thinking of doing! snow next day! take gloves; I used 39x29, whilst just ok think triple eg 33 on front better with 29 !

Not down any off-road so far this year as training for Tourmalet; thinking later in summer do some videos of eg descent of Butser


July 4: rode all way up Butser Hill without stopping !

June 20: Grt Western Sportive, Swindon; was going to do 80 mile but due to circumstances changed to 50. finished in about halfway position both for distance and age group !

Feb 2010: started to ride to work (Portsmouth) once or twice a week, about 22 miles takes 1 hr 30 mins, then catch train home! so this is adding 22 to 44 miles per week onto my Saturday pm ride.


November 2009 had operation on my leg in October so off bike for several weeks, not missing much good weather ! 

It took 2 months to recover from my op, and then snow! So no riding for 3 1/2mths.

June 2009

So far this year (June 2009), I have been mainly riding on road training for sportives, so only had one short ride on SDW. Rode Duncton on May 9 and Wantage Sportive on July 5, 75 miles.

Planned 2 day ride to Eastbourne July 10, b&b Pyecombe. Try to take photos for part not covered. Was going to do Thursday Friday, but NOTE no bikes allowed on trains into Brighton between 4 & 7 pm (check), so changed to Fri/Sat.

I will be wearing a blue top with '' in yellow front and back, so say hello if you see me !!

Rode Petersfield to Pyecombe on July 10. 45 miles with panniers phew !; have to admit exhausted by time reached Pyecombe 6hrs later !, (think because did 70 mile sportive previous wkend!) so not as many photos as liked, so may drive, and do day ride to get better knowledge photos etc. Following day rain, decided to ride to Brighton and train home. good cycle path from Pyecombe.