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Elevation profiles from Devils Dyke to Eastbourne

Please ignore 'duration' times on elevations!

Profile of Devils Dyke to Southease

Ascend: 559 m; Descend: 740m; 27 km, 17 miles

Profile of Section Southease to Eastbourne

Ascend: 636 m; Descend: 654m (to sea front!); 25 km; 16m

Climb to Red Lion is 158m.

Section Climb (metres) Descend (metres)
a 559 740
b 636 654
Total 1195 1394

NB Climbing for above is 1195m for 35 miles compared to 2360m for 65 miles Winchester to DDyke.

Link to page with profiles for whole of SDW divided into 3 parts.