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Route Updates: also check out http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/Southdowns/news.asp?PageId=3 for news updates events


October: The website has been passed over to a new owner. Many thanks to Anthony for creating the original site and dedicating a significant amount of time looking after the site.


April: where to stay and eat page updated

Eastbourne start/end has changed see westwards and section 10 pages


July: short route change Heyshott Down (section 5) about 3km 2 miles east of A286;

Descent from Cocking Down: gullies filled in, loose smoothish small loose stone

photo tap Amberley near sewage works

June tap Botolphs just pipe ?

Aug 10: tap at Botolphs / Beeding is not working ?

2010 Aug 4: crossing A31 just outside Winchester: see start of my Section 1 for access to bridge; anyone any photos?

2010 July 27: Southease Bridge: report that temporary bridge is working well.

2009 July 7: car parking fees updated (Gen info page)

2009 May 21;  http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/Southdowns/text.asp?PageId=58  Route change around Warnford, Old Winchester Hill; see above link

2009 May 21:  CAUTION descent to A24, bollard Removed but large base plate still  in place (See end of my section 7)

2009 April: Mike kindly emailed to say fields west of Littleton Down A285 filled with large chalk lumps (photo added July 2009); Truleigh Hill filled with builders rubble, tyre shredding junk etc; see y sections 5 & 8. (July 09: rubble now compacted but keep eye out for sharp objects !

2008 Oct.25: puddle with bricks near Harting has been filled in with stone and levelled. !

2008 Aug 24: near gate at bottom of hill Littleton Farm, Petworth Road between Cocking & Bignor: very slippery, like ice; Thanks Martin.

2007 Oct.1 . Drain channel across SDW track near Wheely Down (see update below).

2007 May 25: new bridge over A26 near Southease, not as map, and miss water tap, so see my 'water tap' page.

May 19: After QEP visitor centre, SDW stays on tarmac, not track in woods; new finger posts erected; see my section 3.

April 29: SDW ROUTE CHANGE: At A32 junction at Warnford, new fingerpost directing via small triangular circuit, (200 yards or so) so safer crossing of A32. See at end of My Section 1 for more info.

April 14: noted new finger post at gate Old Winchester Hill where 'walkers' deviate from 'bridlepath'. Much clearer.

April 11: rode Cocking to Bignor: I think crop on Littleton Down is corn (wheat/barley); has been sweet corn in past so 6 feet high ! .

April 7: QEP to Harting: just east of Sunwood Farm passed Hamps/Sussex border: noticed stretch of approx 100 yds  loose smallish  broken up pieces of old tarmac; quite thick, so could 'pull' front wheel. (summer: stones bedded down now so ok)


To do:   

As at July 10 2009, ridden all SDW except two miles between Pyecombe and Ditchling.

Site Updated :  


link to public transport train and bus on General info and faq


PARKING ADVICE IN WINCHESTER: General page and Section 1.

update re TRIPLE sdw ride, that is 3x along SDW 300 miles in 36hrs;

correction re German pilot memorial

new links on links page


December: note re Peter plaque on water tap Cocking; B&B added

September: some panoramas added from Beacon Hill nr Exton across Meon Valley and south to Isle of Wight, see Meon page and panorama page

August: some more videos added

July Video added Butser descent; photo water tap Amberley; further videos added; taken some more but editing etc.

July: 'equipment': added comments from Ros re equipment, very useful good ideas eg antiseptic wipes, gloves etc

June: b&b added to where to stay; photo water tap Saddlescombe; some visitor rides; new page for Videos (intend take eg descnt Butser etc)

May: FAQ page added

; thinking about putting some video on, eg descent of Butser

Some B&B added


Nov 22: changed to Windows 7, previous web edit programme FrontPage 2000 not compatible; found 2003 which is, I hope

Sept 1: some more visitor rides

Aug 10: new Meon valley route adds 2.2 miles; mileage chart revised on 'Distances page

July 27: some more ride reports

July 23: new ride report added 

June 14: transferred site to webhost '1 and 1'

May30: links to OS maps on Multimap included at start of each section page

May: Sections 1 7 2 changed title to Exton ; updates re Southease bridge

May: added link to video A3 QEP to Devils Dyke see Section summary page

March: I have reorganised the Sections as taking up too much space at top of page. Links now on 'Section Summary page.

Feb: guesthouse, places to stay added.


Nov. 1: tried to update local.live map with new Meon Valley route but coold not edit; updated Google water tap map with new route (become bit of mess!) and added Saddlescombe tap.

Oct.8: added Google AdSense to Links page, to try to cover cost of running site !

Sept 8: visitor rides; link to site re distances of road crossings, water taps; see my 'Distances & water tap pages

Sept 6: page added about 'SDW double'

August 31: Made a 'Contact' page; separated 'things of interest from links; visitor comments on rides given numbers so easier to locate text. (yes should have hyperlinks, next time !)

August 15: aerial photo of SDW after Gander Down (Section 1), with track to Cheriton NOT SDW marked

August 10: visitor ride added ( family of 5, youngest 12 yrs old.)

August 8: some more photos etc added to Meon valley page section 1 / 2

August: panorama photo added from Salt Hill (Cheesefoot Head to Butser) in my Section 2 and copy in Panorama page.

July: a) photo of water tap south of Up Beeding / Botolphos next to A 283; b) photo of Littleton Down (Cocking to  Bignor); c) Photos and description Devils Dyke to Pyecombe and going other way; d) New page added of copies of PANORAMA photos and some full size.

June: added page for revised route Meon Valley; not written details photos yet.

May 17: photos of Southease Church (water tap); view from Ditchling, Itford Hill

April 30: photo of water tap Southease Church

April 12: some photos added (from Mike) view of Itford hill from Southease; water tap and crossing A27 Housedeans; 

March 26: added two visitors rides

Feb 24: photos of water tap at Jevington

Feb; dates of BHF rides and Oxfam Walks on Home page


August 24: visitor comments about ride 

July 19: water tap notes added Southease, Jevington, YHA Truleigh, Saddlescombe (thanks to Neil)

July 13: water tap A27 between Ditchling & Southease

July 4: added gates (Section info), about 70 in total !; note water tap Jevington.

June 29: updated Aerial maps (Alfriston more 'pins' Southease to Eastbourne

June 25: various: new water tap near Amberley, visitors rides, change height gained to 11,660 feet. notes re tyres, equip.

June 23: photos etc added to 10a, Eastbourne to Southease ie, going westwards.

June 21: Sthease to Eastbrne: description added, will add photos soon, PHOTOS NOW added; to add 'going westwards'.

June 16: rode Southease to Eastbourne (actually parked car Alfriston, rode to E'brne then back to Southesae, then back to Alfriston); allow few days to draft & edit, general comments added.

June 9: note about maps (Gen info); Section 1 note re taking possible wrong way; westwards note near Chilcomb.(Winchester)

May 12; visitors comments new ride noted

April 6: note re event 100 riders April 26 27 on home page

March 25: dates of BHF ride June 28, July 26 and Oxfam walk July 19 - 20 (on home page)

2008: Jan 22: deleted Forum as does not work.

Jan 13: Forum page added. Please add your comments about SDW.


Nov. 1: more visitors rides

Oct 29: visitors' rides, comments equipment

Oct 21: email now fixed ! Outlook not configured properly; wrong box ticked !


Oct.2: photos added A32 Warnford and to the west of Butser.

Oct.1: photos added between Wind farm, Lomer Farm & Wheely Down Farm (to west of Warnford)( (my Section 1). Note DRAIN CHANNEL !

Sept.21: link added to two mtb sites; puddles after Buriton emboldened and blue, they (3? )are ok but just whole width of track

Aug. 28: panorama photo from Butser to Cocking (bottom of Section 3 page ); some ride details added on Visitor Comments.

Aug 14: photos added around Chanctonbury Ring , and to Westwards section.

Aug 11: include info about Visitors rides, eg miles per day, fitness, bike, staying.

Aug.6: some accommodation ideas

July 22: changed some thumbnails to 'photos in the text' in Section1 & 2.

July 17: added link to 'Alternative SDW route'.

July 4: added banner back to Home page only at moment. Had to shorten page names in 'links' as overlap. Site info eg computer programme etc.

July 2: photos added of Salt Hill (Warnford to QEP), also similar to 'westwards'.

June 28: seems now possible to 'fly' along SDW route, seeing route, hills, landmarks; go to my 'aerial map photo' page, and click on link for 3D to local.live. wait to download, then use keyboard arrow key to 'fly' across landscape !! My 'blue' line is a bit hard to see, but still possible to follow.!

June 27: added a page 'site statistics' most visited pages, total visits, countries from which visitors have come. Re-ordered some pages.

June 26: added screen print of 3D view of Butser as example and link to that view.

June 25: added link on 'places to stay' to site with map of places to stay. Photo at Bignor Hill car park.

June 19: added a few pubs with Google map; Toby 's stone added to Google map.

June 17: add note re Toby Stone (Bignor Hill); also a walking site with list of b&b in my 'places to stay' page.

June 15: a few photos added of 'going westwards' Amberley to Bignor. Added two places to stay on 'places to stay' page.

June 13: photos added between Bignor, River Arun and Amberley Mount. Day that I chose was rather humid & hazy so images not as clear as I would like. Will try to re-do when next there and better climatic conditions.

June 11: some photos around Cheesefoot Head. 

June 10: photo of water tap at Houghton bridge near Amberley; I have taken some photos over this wk/end of Cheesefoot Head (nr Winchester) and between Bignor and Amberley Mount; will put on when edited, formatted etc.

June 7: added links from pages to the going Westwards page as some photos etc 

May 31: put links in section pages to link to profile pages.

May 27: I have now added photos and notes from Ditchling to Southease in my Section 9 (Devils Dyke to Southease.)

May 26: added a 'Site Visitors' comment's page.

May 25: added location map & photo of  WATER TAP at Southease. Also note re car parks whether free or pay; this is after I found car park at Ditchling Beacon is �2 'pay & display'. 

May 19: added a few annotated photos Butser & QEP.

May 18: added aerial photo map of  two circular rides, including new ride round Kingley Vale.


May 14: added some links to sites about cycling on SDW, forum fastest time, thoughts, experiences, training etc. 

Also note on 'aerial photo page that you download free 3D version of  www.LocalLive.com  aerial photos to see hills relief etc.

May 13: aerial photo map now added for whole of SDW to Eastbourne.

May 7: added 'aerial photo / map' page of SDW.

May 7: Summary of surfaces added, eg where the tarmac parts are, see my 'Sections' page.

 May 1: added ride via Cheriton [east of Winchester], (incl 1644 Battle of), Hinton Ampner to Warnford. see Circular rides ref CR11

April 29: Route change at A32 Warnford, at end of my Section 1.

April 27: link to  map that I have created on 'my Google map' showing approximate location of car parks and 'things of interest'. They are the same map, and link is on ' General info' page and 'things of interest ' page.

April 26: annotated the 30 mile 'Profiles' .

April 24: 'Profile All' page added, shows whole of SDW in 3 profiles, each 30 - 35 miles.

April 23: water taps: added link to 'my Google map'  of  SDW with water tap locations. Also a circular ride.

April 20: added a circular ride near Harting Hill. Intend to add more as time permits ! see 'Circular ride' page.

April 12: some photos added to 'Going westwards' Bignor to Cocking. Annotated some in Cocking to Bignor.

April 11: added photos between Cocking & Bignor; some to be annotated. I also took some photos 'going west' of this section; will add when edited etc.

April 8: added photo of me riding up Alpe d'Huez (on Photo of me page)

April 7: new photo of infamous 'puddle with bricks' drier showing bricks! Similar added to 'Westwards'.

April 1: profiles added from devils Dyke to Eastbourne, so now all of SDW included !

March 28 : profiles have now been added for all of the 65 miles from Winchester to Devils Dyke.

March 26: added Profile for section 2 & 3 . Others 'tracked' but need to format etc. Creating with 'Tracklogs'. 

March 25: added detailed profiles of two sections, 1 & 4; intend to add remainder soon; please email with comments; too large, small, more detail of specific areas, eg climbs ? contact on 'home'page.

March 19: added a page 'traveling westwards'; partly written at moment; some photos included, hope to add as take suitable.

March 17: Description Alternative route avoiding A24 crossing

March 12: several new annotated photos between Milberry pub, Beacon Hill, Salt Hill to HMS Mercury (Winchester to QEP sections); includes good (I think !) photo of RAINBOW on Old Winchester Hill towards Butser.

Mar.11 : realised hover buttons do not appear (uploading problem) so now put simple links in.

added 'hover buttons' at bottom of 'Section' pages; changed format and font slightly. Added ' alternative route' page, not complete

Feb.18: annotated some photos in  Section 1 Winch to A32, and 4. Harting to Cocking

Home page shortened, info moved to 'General info' page and 'update' page.

Feb. 13: redrawn map of start at M3/A31 etc

Feb. 11: added info about 'where does SDW start' in General info' page. Annotated some photos, right turn near Cheesefoot Head (Winchester), and section few miles west of A24, pointing out Chanctonbury Ring.

Feb.9 Clarified start at Winchester by A31/M3; Inserted some bold headings into text to break it up to make easier to locate where you are !

 Feb.7 further: annotated photos near Didling of 'cut off fence posts', 'tree trunks to sit on'

Feb.7: page 'food, drink, equipment' and 'general info' eg car parks. Added link to a walking site in 'links' page. Copied list of 'benches' to sit on to 'gen info page as well as on 'Section' page.

28 January: photo of large chalk balls added in 'things of interest', and altered description of descent to Cocking with reference to chalk ball.  Water taps: added annotated photos of water tap .

22 January 2007; Photos Buriton, Ditcham (incl photo of puddle with bricks); photos of Devils Jumps, & memorial to German WW2 pilot (see 'things of interest)

Jan. 12: photo files reduced in size from 1.3mb to about 300k, so still quite big !

January 8: inserted map of location of deepish puddle with bricks in 'QEP to Harting'.

January 2, 2007: 'TURN RIGHT' arrow added to photo in Section 1 after Cheesefoot head. Headings added to home page, minor changes to text. Comment about my age, average speed ! Renamed 'things of interest' to 'links & ...', comments on 'distance' page.

Since Dec.26: written to Devils Dyke

Since last update Dec.23: points if interest with links in text.